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DeBlois Renovate & Remodel is a residential and light commercial general contracting firm with an intense focus on client relationships. The most important thing we build is a life- long relationship with our clients. It begins with respect of our clients’ families and homes and culminates in servicing their needs, big or small, inside or out, profitable or not. 


Our clients’ trust is paramount, never taking it for granted; we strive to earn it through consistently delivering upon objectives and exceeding expectations. In return our clients recognize that we are skilled craftsmen that take pride in our work. As active members of the community in which we work, producing lasting work is a top priority. Each and every customer affords us the opportunity to do what we love and support our families at the same time. These fundamental principles allow for harmonious relationships and beautiful finished work that will last long after a particular project is completed.

Beyond our client relationships we also strive to provide creative ideas and feedback that is rooted in our diverse experience. At the same time we are always trying to maximize value for our clients. This means navigating projects in such a way to maximize customer satisfaction and quality while minimizing cost and inconvenience. Throughout our professional development, we maintain a reverence for the history of the building trades. We approach every day with a desire to emulate the craftsman of old whom embodied a deep appreciation for the beauty and permanence of what they produced. All of this combined gives our clients the best value in the market and quality that is second to none. We are thankful for the many friends that we have made and look forward to making many more in the future.

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